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There is no better way to get results -after all, with affiliate marketing, you are only paying on sales or leads generated. Your affiliates will promote you on a pay-per-results basis, and only expect to be paid on the sales or results they achieve. The affiliates will take the risks, and you benefit from the sales.

With your merchant account, you can promote your products and services on thousands of affiliate websites. Your affiliates can promote you with a wide variety of linking methods, from traditional banners, through to emails, newsletters, content links and product feeds, which enables affiliates to display your products directly on their site.

We have over 25,000 websites (known as affiliates) potentially willing to display your adverts for FREE

In return, they expect to earn a commission from you on the results they bring to you.

- You can offer commissions on sales, leads, registrations, banner impressions, click-throughs.....or whatever you want

- You set the commission rates you want to pay

In other words, its like a national newspaper offering you a full colour page free of charge, except for a fee based on the sales resulting from people seeing the advert.

In summary, we allow you to run low cost, low risk advertising campaigns on the internet.

Affiliate Advantage uses its own technology written in house and measures the overall effectiveness of your online campaigns including your commission payments, tracking lengths, banners, text, rich media and dynamic links. You have access to all these tools so that you can track the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Affiliate Advantage manages and supports all the relationships between both parties and pays out commissions on behalf of you to your affiliates. However, you decide which commissions to validate and therefore which leads have led to sales, allowing you to remove any duplicate or failed transactions.

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