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If you have a website, you could be earning money from the people visiting your site.

Affiliate Advantage have negotiated contracts with some of the leading internet brands which allows you to promote them and get paid for any sales made as a result of someone clicking on the advert or text link you have placed on your website.

We also have a content unit system, which allows you to place one small link on your website (like a banner advert) but which will then display the latest live offers from the advertisers you choose and for the types of products you want to display. You can also customise these links to suit the size of the space on your webpage, colour, etc. For an uncustomised example click here

Affiliate Advantage pay you the commissions on behalf of our advertisers on a monthly basis and allow you to track the sales made, including which adverts generated these sales. We usually pay you just 15 days after the end of the month in which your commissions have been earnt. So, for example, sales in February would be paid on 15th March. We can either pay direct into your bank account or send you a cheque.

Feeds: We can supply customised product feeds to suit individual requirements - please email us once you have joined and we will create the feed you require.


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Our reporting is second to none

You will find all the data you could possibly need to successfully manage your programme(s) laid out clearly and logically to help you maximise returns from your assets. We truly understand that marketing today is a sophisticated process which needs real-time data display and clear, informative and practical reports.

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