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Do you want to advertise on thousands of quality websites and only pay for results?

Being a merchant on Affiliate Advantage lets you advertise on thousands of quality websites, known as affiliates, with you only paying for sales generated.

Why Join Affiliate Advantage?

  • It's free to join!
    There are no setup fees, no monthly charges, no risk to you!
  • We are incentivised to generate sales for you
    The only fee we charge is 30% of the monthly amount paid out to affiliates
  • You have control of your campaign
    You choose how to reward affiliates, which adverts to run, which sales to approve
    You can see the impressions, click throughs and sales generated by each advert
  • We do the recruiting and admin for you
    We recruit affiliates for you and exclude inappropriate or fraudulent sites
    We pay affiliates the commissions you have chosen
  • We pride ourselves on our service
    We answer your questions quickly, and can get you up and running in under an hour
    We can rapidly change our software as necessary to meet your individual requirements
  • We have over 25,000 affiliates
    Our affiliates range across all sectors and all demographics as well as all types of promotion (eg search engine optimisation, pay per click, contextual, emails). Although we are a UK-focussed network, some of our affiliates can generate overseas traffic

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