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Having an affiliate program with Affiliate Advantage is one of the best and cheapest ways to increase sales and achieve higher targeted traffic.

Why? Because you facilitate a whole host of other websites (affiliates) to work for you.

Your affiliates make money in the way you choose to incentivise them, so you choose how best to incentivise them to bring you more sales.

With an affiliate program you can multiply your sales force, and it can cost you just a commissions of those sales generated by your affiliates - which means sales you would not get otherwise.

It's a win-win situation.

Benefits for merchants - you only have to pay commissions when items or services are sold, which leads to low risk and low cost web-marketing. You can therefore create a vast sales network online

Benefits for affiliates - you earn advertisement revenue off the visitors to your website(s)

Running an affiliate program has the potential to multiply your sales. But be prepared for some work. Running a succesful and effective affiliate program requires continuous work and care for both affiliates and merchants in order to stay competive in such a fast-moving business.

That's why you should choose the Affiliate Advantage solution that will allow you to fully concentrate on running your affiliate program, not solving technical issues and problems.
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