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  • Complete range of commission types
  • Per sale (flat rate or percentage of sales value)
  • Affiliate bonuses
  • Different Commissions per product (optional) - using unlimited campaigns, each with its own commission settings
  • Possibility to manually create the commission

Standard Functionality

  • Unlimited affiliates, campaigns and banners
  • Full history of all transactions
  • Performance rewards - pay more to your best affiliates
  • Setting of cookie length
  • Tracking by cookie, IP address, PHP session

Approvals & Fraud Protection

  • Merchants can view, edit, approve or decline sales
  • Protection against excesive banners displayment
  • Automatized fraud protection
  • Approval of transactions - automatic or manual

Payouts & Exports

  • Accounting view with full payout history
  • Export of Data to MS Excel

Banners & Media Types

  • Image banners
  • Text links - with optional customizable text link format
  • HTML banners - custom HTML code allows you to display any content you want, including ActiveX, Flash, pop-up windows, JavaScript code, etc.
  • Flash banners
  • Banners grouped by campaigns

Panel Design & Customizations

  • Fully customizable Affiliate signup Page
  • Fully customizable Affiliate control Panel
  • Customizable resources area for Affiliates - allows you to publish your own content in Affiliate's area
  • Possibility of software customizations - fine-tuning the software for your specific needs, adding new modules, features, etc.
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