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What is Affiliate marketing?

Affiliate Program (also known as Associate Program), is a type of online marketing in which Affiliate sites refer business to merchants. When visitor purchases goods or registers services through Affiliate advertisements on Affiliate sites, merchants pay commissions to the Affiliates.

Affiliate marketing is a form of online advertising that works by only rewarding actual results. An advertiser (or 'merchant') will only pay when a sale is actually made. Affiliates earn their commission by promoting with a view to driving purchasers to the merchant's website. The Affiliate is rewarded by the merchant, usually on a straightforward commission basis on the value of each sale. Affiliate Advantage technology allows us to track the purchaser through the ad on the Affiliate's site, to the merchant's site, and record the amount of the sale. We then invoice the merchant for the amount of the commission and pay it out to the Affiliate.

If you advertise your products online Affiliate marketing is an efficient way to generate additional business. It's a cost effective form of advertising for merchants; a way of extending reach to more and more customers with the added benefit of free brand awareness.

If you have a website and wish to generate revenue from it without having to sell products, advertising space or to develop complex technology, Affiliate marketing allows you to earn revenue by simply promoting other sites. It is an easy and effective way for you to monetise your web real estate.

What is Click-through (also called click)?

A click-through refers to the action a consumer takes when they are referred from one Web site through a link or advertisement and are taken to another Web site. Click-through ratio is the percentage of clicks for the number of advertising impressions displayed.

What is Impression?

An impression is the viewing of an advertising banner, link, or product in the Affiliates website on the Internet.

What is sale?

An advertiser (or 'merchant') will only pay to the Affiliates when a sale is actually made through Affiliates website.

What an Affiliate advantage does?

Affiliate Advantage forms the link between merchants and Affiliates, providing merchants with appropriate, high performing Affiliates, and Affiliates with desirable merchants who are proven converters of traffic to sales.

The Affiliate Advantage account manager, our Website and software form the basis for an ongoing partnership between Merchants and their 'virtual sales force' - the Affiliates.

What an Affiliate does?

Affiliates join the programme that they are interested in promoting via the Affiliate area of the Affiliate Advantage Affiliates then download the tools they want to use and commence promoting the merchant.

Affiliate Advantage tracks the sales that accumulate over the month and pays the Affiliate the commissions earned on all of the merchants' programmes that the Affiliate has promoted.

For an Affiliate, the Affiliate Advantage marketing programme is free to join. Affiliates can also be very active in the pay-for-search market, using search engines to deliver sales to the merchant by advertising on their behalf.

What an Affiliate does?

In the dedicated Merchant area of the Affiliate advantage website, a Merchant provides Affiliates with a detailed description of his/her Affiliate marketing programme. The Merchant will also provide tools to the Affiliate with which the Affiliate can advertise to and communicate with potential customers. These tools include linking methods, such as text links, banners or buttons, for the Affiliates to place on their websites, and a communication tool, which Affiliates, can send to customers as emails etc.

The Affiliate advantage ShopWindow suite of products also allows Affiliates to place actual product content on their websites. Merchants agree to pay a commission to the Affiliate when a customer makes a purchase, or to pay a bounty when the customer takes some other specified action, such as filling out a form.

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