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Affiliate Advantage is part of a group of companies trading online since 1995. The group has been part of a listed plc (Bizzbuild.com plc) with its shares traded on the London Stock Exchange. The internet arm was bought out by its management in 2002 and has grown considerably since then. The group has over 20 blue-chip clients, including Avis, Churchill, Dialaphone and the Automobile Association.

Affiliate Advantage has been set up to cater for the ‘super-Affiliate' market (those Affiliates consistently generating over £200 each month). Our philospohy is to ensure that the needs of Affiliates are met as this ensures that our merchants will get the best possible online exposure and revenue-generating possibilities.

We keep our costs down to a minimum by allowing both merchants and Affiliates to manage their own accounts online. This means we can pay out better commissions than other networks and avoid charging administration fees to merchants.
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